ideas for original artwork

Odds and Ends

Three Ideas for Original Art

Here at Dollar Store Style, we believe that art doesn’t have to cost a lot or be complicated to be considered acceptable.
Our philosophy has always been, if something is meaningful to you and makes you happy, that’s all you need to know.
Over the years, we’ve introduced various ideas for making inexpensive
original art. Here are three more for your consideration.


We found this familiar saying on a sticker sheet at Dollar Tree and paired it with a 12 by 16-inch canvas from Dollarama. Just peel, center and stick; it’s simplicity itself.

Love this multi-frame. To display brooches you never wear, remove the backing, the Styrofoam pieces and the glass from the frame. Keep the Styrofoam pieces and save the glass in case you wish to reuse the frame for pictures at a later time.

Choose a scrapbook paper that complements the frame and your jewelry. Here, we’ve chosen a white paper with silver embossing to coordinate with the black frame and gold-toned jewelry.

Use the glass inserts to trace each frame shape onto the back of the paper and cut out. Position the brooches in each section in an arrangement that pleases you. Pin each brooch directly onto the paper, place in the frame and replace the Styrofoam pieces and the backing.

Here’s a trio of art that you can sit on a shelf or hang on the wall. You will need:

1 set of three 4 x 6- inch shadow box frames
3 fabric butterflies
1 sheet of scrapbook paper
two-sided tape

Using one of the frame’s backing, trace the shape three times onto the back of the scrapbook sheet, being sure to capture key elements of the design for each frame.

Center each butterfly, making sure the wing tips are fully within the frame and secure
to the scrapbook paper with two-sided tape.

Insert in frames and replace the backings.

Try this idea using other light-weight three-dimensional objects, as well.