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Small Object Organizing

When it comes to clutter, sometimes it’s the little things that do us in. Ever open the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and had an assortment of plastic bottles or boxes tumble into the sink? Got one of
those drawers in the kitchen? You know the tape is in there somewhere!

The answer, of course, is a little creative organizing. Here then, is the dollar store’s answer to looking after a few of the small details.

Business cards for the various services we use tend to get scattered all over the house. Why not make them easy to find by corralling them in one place? Staple each business card to an index card and file them alphabetically in one of these sturdy wooden “treasure chests.” These boxes were $2 and make elegant alternatives to the traditional plastic index boxes.

A lot of small boxes can take up more than their fair share of real estate in your bathroom cabinet. These glass and metal canisters have screw-on lids, which are perfect for keeping the dust off of things like band-aids and cotton swabs. The shorter, wider container will hold most sizes of the bandages you use every day, eliminating the need for a couple of different size boxes
on bathroom shelves and the windows in the containers allow you to see when you’re running out of something.

We paid $2 for each of these canisters. The short one is 4 ¾” tall and almost 4” round, making it the perfect size to hold various sizes of adhesive bandages. The second one is 6” tall and 3 ½” round.

Kitchen drawers are always in danger of becoming so jumbled up that it takes you ten minutes just to find a pair of scissors. The unfinished wooden trays in the craft section at the dollar store make nifty organizers for shallow drawers.

The largest of these trays is less than 12” long and 8” wide and there are a couple of smaller
sizes too, so, depending on the size of drawer you’re dealing with, you could use a combination of sizes to organize a drawer. You could paint
these trays but they look great simply left plain and they’re only a buck each.

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