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Quick Tips – Page 6

Make a 23-inch tall outdoor
side table by hot gluing two 15-inch round pots together and
sitting a 15-inch round melamine tray on top. Each piece cost
three bucks. Don’t glue the tray on so you can use the top pot to
store small items like sunglasses or acrylic glasses to protect
them from the elements when they’re not in use. Run a bead of hot
glue along the raised edge on the bottom of the tray and let it
dry to help to keep the tray-top from sliding around.

Add a decorative covering to a
chair the easy way. Slip a cushion cover over the chair
back, fold the top corners of the cover down and pin them in
the back. These cushion covers will fit a chair back 15 1/4-inches
square, or less.

If you want to decorate a terra
cotta pot but don’t necessarily want to mess with paint, you can
use peel ‘n stick paper to accent the rim. There are so many
different patterned rolls available now, you’re sure to find one
that you like. This roll of peel ‘n stick is 2-inches wide and the
pot rim is 1 1/2-inches wide, so I simply followed the lines on
the back and trimmed half an inch from the length of paper

Make cushion
covers from a vinyl tablecloth to make some of your old cushions

So, I was in a home store the
other day and happened upon a mat that was meant to be placed
under your coffee machine. I though it was a great idea but I was
not going to pay that price! Next door at Dollar Tree, I
bought a 12 by 18-inch micro-fiber dish drying mat for $1.25.
Works just as well, don’t you think? And you have a choice of
colours and patterns.

Use a wide bag clip to hold
your place in a recipe book while you’re cooking.

Use three different sizes of
fillable plastic Easter eggs to make a fun and easy Easter party
favour inspired by nesting dolls. Hide an Easter treat in the
smallest egg, put it inside the medium egg and put the medium egg
inside the largest egg. Kids love it!


Make your own vinyl placemats using shelf liner.
Use a placemat you already have on hand to measure for size. If
you wish, shape the corners. Use the first cut off corner to
measure where the other corners should be cut, to be sure they’re
all even.

Elevate your decor by
turning square vases upside down to make pedestal bases. Try
a grouping of three in different heights. To ensure things don’t
get accidentally knocked off, secure items to the pedestals with
two-sided tape.

Use a pretty vinyl
shower curtain to hide a storage area in the basement. You can use
a shower curtain tension rod or a regular curtain rod. Either way,
you can hang it with regular metal shower curtain hooks.