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Lighting for the Backyard

If you like the
backyard nightlife, you don’t want to be sitting out there in
the dark. Or, maybe you do but we’re not concerned with that
here. For those of us who enjoy listening to the crickets but
don’t want to have to rely on our neighbor‘s porch light to
keep us from tripping over the garden hose, here are a few finds
to light your way, keep the bugs at bay and entertain with style.

This 6” glass lantern can be set on a table or hung by its
handle to provide some illumination on a deck or patio. It cost
two bucks with the candle. A few of these hung around the yard would add much to the ambience for
entertaining. Or add a pair of votive candleholders (two for a
dollar) to your outdoor table setting. The citronella votive
candles were 4 for $1.00.

Here’s a butterfly
table weight used to embellish a metal lantern we bought
elsewhere. We used one to decorate a glass lantern, as well, by
hooking it to the metal handle.

To keep mosquitoes from crashing your outdoor gatherings, dollar
stores have a variety of solutions from citronella tea lights to
citronella oil for garden torches to citronella on a stick.

I hate to sound like your mother, but feel compelled to leave you
with these final words: Never leave a burning candle alone and
please ensure that they don’t come in contact with anything
likely to melt or otherwise go up in smoke. We don’t want to
barbecue anything but the weenies.