Stained Glass Stand-In Dollar Store Style

Odds And Ends

Stained Glass Stand-In

Stained-glass has become a popular
decorating item. The big framed panels are appealing for their
rich colors and pleasing scenes of nature or pets. You think,
“That would look lovely in my front window.“ Then you look at
the price tag. Yikes! Many design budgets don’t even come close
to being able to accommodate $400.00 and up.

However, for a smidgen of that price, you can have a smaller
version of these attractive window hangings. I found these 5 ½”
by 4” glass panes at a favorite dollar store. The scalloped
edges and rounded tops make them perfect for hanging side by side
using small suction hooks (not included) and they only cost $1.00
a piece.

Four of these glass panels, grouped
together, form a pretty decoration just the right width for the
long window beside the front door or perhaps any bright window.