Find of the Week


I found this coffee/tea press at Dollarama for four bucks. I’d never used one before but, once you get the hang of how much coffee to put in, it works quite well. It’s also dishwasher safe, which is a big plus. The only issue I ran into was when the press part fell apart after a few uses. The screw on the bottom of it came loose. It was an easy fix but, if you buy one of these, check that the screw is tight every once in a while. 

If anything can help to get us through the winter doldrums it’s colour and this acrylic-look serving tray certainly fills that requirement. It’s a generous, and I might add hefty, 12 1/2-inches square and comes in either black or white in a variety of tropical patterns. I found this tropical tray at Dollarama for four bucks.

A spray mop for four bucks? Yep, and it works just fine, thank-you very much! It comes in three sections that are very easy to fit together and, just like other spray mops, you fill the canister with the cleaner of your choice. It’s got a metal handle, a decent-sized mop head and comes with two washable mop pads. I found it at Dollarama.