(Feb.2/13) Looking to dress up
some tired sofa cushions? I love these graphic cushion covers.
They have the look of linen but are 100% cotton so you can throw
them in the washing machine when they need freshening. There are a
few different designs to choose from, too. They cost $3 each at
Dollarama. (Don’t forget to check to make sure the zippers
work properly before you buy!)

This narrow rail is 23 1/2
inches long, perfect for displaying postcards and pictures. I got
it for $2 at Dollarama. If you use two small nails instead of the
thumb tacks that come with it, you might possibly use it as a
plate rail. It comes in white as well as black.

If you like antique-style
decor, you’ll like this 12-inch round wall clock. It also comes
with a silver frame and other sentiments. I found it for three
bucks at Dollarama.

This isn’t just another pretty
wooden plaque. You can replace the picture with one on your own
and have the choice of hanging it on the wall or sitting it on a
table. I paid $2.50 for this plaque/frame at Dollarama. Cool!

This ceramic pot contains six
peat pellets and lavender seeds. A previous price tag reveals that
it retailed for $14.95 in other stores but Dollarama has them for
$3 each. I saw a kit for growing sunflowers, too. The ceramic pot
and drip tray measure about six inches high.

Things like this don’t stick
around long so, if you think this might make a good Christmas gift
for someone, now’s the time to grab one.

I found sticker sheets like
this one at Dollar Tree that I really like. When the
translucent, sepia-toned stickers are applied on a wall,
they look like they’ve been stenciled on. There are different
sentiments, as well as images to choose from and you can also find
a lot of more colorful stickers suitable for a child’s room.

Ceramic coasters absorb the
condensation that drips down the side of a glass. Dollar Tree has
some in a variety of attractive designs that you buy individually.
They seem to me to be as well made as any I’ve seen sold in sets
of four for 20 bucks.

This baked goods carrier is
good value for three bucks. We found it at Dollarama. The handles
fold flat for storage, the sliding tabs on either end that lock
the domed lid into place, open and close easily and the container
offers 13 x 9-inches of storage space. Tote your cupcakes or
nanaimo bars in style.

If you keep your eyes open, you
can sometimes find gift-worthy ornaments like these three snowmen
bearing Christmas wishes. They’re the same size and weight as
ornaments you’d find in a gift shop for twice as much or more. I
found these in Dollarama for two bucks apiece. Give them as a set
for Christmas or use them individually as party favors.