Easy Valentine Projects


This stainless steel meat
thermometer includes a handy clip-on holder and an easy to read
dial. It costs $2 at Dollarama.

Dollar Tree has an assortment
of kitchen necessities by Betty Crocker. The storage containers
come in sets of two. Besides these, you may see measuring cups,
mixing spatulas and more. Each item is $1 U.S. or $1.25 in Canada.

Dollarama has been stocking a
lot of Hartz pet supplies. Christie is enjoying their dental bone.


If you would like something
Christmas-y to help decorate the refrigerator, a metal door or
maybe your filing cabinets at work, what could be easier than a
set of magnets? I chose this cute reindeer that measures about 15
3/4 inches tall from antler to hoof. Dollar Tree has magnetic
snowmen and Santa decorations, too.

I found this on a bottom shelf
in Dollarama. It’s an actual Gund ornament made of earthenware
featuring the silhouette of a cat. There was one for dog lovers,
too. This would make a great stocking stuffer for an animal lover
on your list and it only cost two bucks.


It’s getting so those of us on
a tight budget don’t have to look much further than the dollar
store for ready-to-wrap gifts. This pretty mug and coaster set is
a case in point. It comes in different patterns and costs just $2
at Dollarama. This would be a perfect gift for a child to give to
a grandmother, aunt or lady teacher. You could even include one of
these mug sets in a gift basket, if you so choose.

One way to cut down on the
expense associated with gift-giving is to give home-made treats.
This 6 1/4″ square bakery box with window, is an attractive
way to do that and a nice change from cookie tins. The boxes come
in sets of six for $2 at Dollarama and come with large coordinating
stickers for closing, just like it came from a bakery.

Line each box with parchment
paper, also sold in dollar stores or, if you’re making squares or
fudge, use festive muffin cups to hold each piece. If you don’t
have time to bake, cheat a little. The December issue of Style at
Home magazine suggests buying bakery treats at the grocery store
and repackaging them for giving. A neat idea and very practical.

Put these boxes to use after
the holiday celebration, too. Send left-over goodies home with
friends and family knowing that they will be held more securely
than they would be on a paper plate wrapped in cellophane.

I found these glass votive
candle holders at Dollar Tree and thought they would make an
elegant addition to our Christmas celebrations. They come in two
different heights, 7 and 8 inches. I like the look of three
grouped together and the fact that they can be adapted for any