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Stress and summer just don’t go together. At least, they shouldn’t. With that in mind, plan an outdoor party with a few essentials from the dollar store and aim for casual appeal. Using non-breakables for alfresco entertaining will give you that much less to worry about.

Serve up refreshments on this 131/2” melamine tray. We found it for two bucks at Dollarama. Each plastic wine glass was $1 and the large plastic jug was $2. The wine glasses add a touch of class to refreshing summer drinks like lemonade.

There are lots of different serving pieces at the dollar store. Get large salad bowls, rectangular sectioned serving plates and fun serving pieces like this butterfly-shaped tray. The colorful fruit wedges are meant for cooling drinks, instead of ice cubes but we found that they gave beverages a plastic-y taste. Instead, why not freeze them and use them to help keep your veggies cool?

When it comes to summer decorating, simple and uncomplicated is a great way to go. What could be simpler or easier than a metal bucket full of daisies from your own garden? Fill the bottom of the pail with river rocks to anchor the flowers of your choice. If you have an extensive cutting garden, try mixed bouquets and different types of containers. No cutting garden, no problem. Inexpensive bouquets from the grocery store will serve admirably. Use your creation as a table centerpiece or, if you prefer, make up several and set them around the yard where guests will be mingling.

The large butterfly has a magnet that makes it an easy way to accent a metal pail. In this case, it’s attached to the handle. The pail was $1 and four large butterfly magnets come on a card for a buck.