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Ideas for Baby Shower

Babies need a lot of stuff so, if you’ve been invited to a baby shower or are welcoming a newborn, there’s really no wrong choice. Dollar stores have a lot of baby and toddler items and grouping a few of these into a gift is an easy task.

Here are three suggestions. If you prefer, add an item or two from a department store to offset or “disguise,” if you will, the fact that your gift if mostly from a dollar store. Still, I think you’ll agree that these baby-friendly presents can stand by themselves.

This two-piece sleep set was only $2, as was a two-pack of undershirts. Dollar stores have a lot of cute baby socks and they’re only $1 a pair. A 30” x 30” soft baby blanket cost $1.25 and a soft stuffed dog was bought for $1. Pack it all into a gift bag. The total cost of this gift was $9.25, including the gift bag.

Here’s a feeding themed gift packed in a baby-blue plastic basket that can be used later on to store baby’s books and small toys. It cost $1.25. This gift includes a sectioned melamine plate for $1, two baby bottles costing $1 each, a water-filled teething ring for $1.25, a package of two pacifiers for $1.25, a three-pack of vinyl-backed bibs for $1.25 and a two-pack of heat-sensitive feeding spoons for $1.25. Then we threw in a fun ceramic piggy bank so mom can start a college fund. It cost $1. The total cost of this gift is $7.25. Use some basket wrap and a pastel bow to complete.

Maybe you’d like to give baby a bath time gift. We filled a bathroom wastebasket patterned with rubber ducks, about three-quarters full of newsprint, topped it with pastel tissue paper and then filled it with a 14 oz. bottle of baby powder, 12 oz. of baby lotion, 15 oz. of baby shampoo, a package of four water toys, a four-pack of baby wash cloths and a vinyl covered baby book. Total cost, $6.50. Everything here cost $1 except for the wastebasket, which was $1.25. Pop the whole thing into a large gift bag or cover with basket wrap.