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Dollar Store Style is home decor from the dollar store! If you love to decorate but don’t have a lot of money to devote to your passion, this is the place for you! Here you’ll find oodles of tips and small decorating ideas created from items costing $2.00 and under. You’ll also find great gift ideas and just plain useful items that you might pay three times as much for anywhere but the dollar store.

It’s my hope that browsing these pages will be both fun and inspirational and will help you to develop your own unique sense of Dollar Store Style.

— Marlene



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Tip of the month: Turn the things you have into the things you don’t have. (see below)



Turn a plastic storage bin into a makeshift coffee table for your patio with the addition of a colorful plastic tray. We’ve added a plastic pot for a plant, a pair of votive candle holders and a small ceramic clock for a total cost of $4.00. Find more small outdoor touches here.


Did You Know? Adjusted for inflation, 5 cents in 1913 is equal to about a dollar and two cents today.


Got guests staying over this summer? Give them a warm welcome with these inexpensive touches from the dollar store.



These paper lanterns are fitted with small flashlight bulbs and run on two AAA batteries. Check out more lighting options available from the dollar store in this article.






Home Decor From The Dollar Store!

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