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Christmas Cloche Ideas

A cloche is a glass covering typically used to protect plants from cold weather. In decorating, a cloche can be used to great effect
indoors, too. 

Here are a few Christmas décor ideas using glass vases as cloche stand-ins. You can use tall cylinder vases, as I’ve seen done in some decorating magazines but I like these shapely vases that I bought at a dollar store at one time or another for
$1 to $2 each. 

Try different shapes and sizes of vases. As you’ll see, even clear glass votive candle holders
can work. It’s a cheap, fun way to help decorate a mantle or tabletop for Christmas.

This large pinecone ornament came as a set of two that I found at Dollar Tree.
It fills this 4 1/2″ round vase to great effect.

A single pretty Christmas pick takes
on new beauty when highlighted under glass. 

As you’re unpacking the Christmas decorations this year, be mindful of the smaller ornaments and decorations that you have. Some of them could be just what you need to make a cheery Christmas display. 

Here, we’ve used a small round silver-colored tray as a base and sprinkled a bit of fake snow for the reindeer to rest in.

Raid your miniature village for items to use under glass. We used a five-inch round mirrored candle holder as a base for this vignette. Many dollar stores, including Dollarama and Dollar Tree, stock these small trees and figurines for miniature villages.

We chose select characters from a miniature Nativity set for a new take on a familiar scene using
three square  votive candle holders on a glass tray. Extra
small ornaments or figures from a miniature village would work for this idea, too.
(see below)