Easy Christmas Napkin Rings

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Easy Christmas Napkin

Making your own Christmas napkin rings
is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1. Cut a 9′ spool of
wire-edged ribbon into 6″ strips. (One spool makes
approximately 16
napkin rings.)

2. Use hot glue to
secure each ribbon strip in a circle.

3. Add a 3-D sticker
or a Christmas charm to each napkin ring. Both the charms and the
stickers come on a card of six for a dollar. Don’t remove the
small wire twist securing each charm to the card. Poke a hole near
the top of the napkin ring with the point of a sharp pair of
scissors. Thread the wire twist through the front and flatten out
on the inside to secure the charm.

Now you’re ready to charm your guests!

Here, we’ve used a gold
wire-edge ribbon and embellished it with a felt poinsettia. If you decide on a bright patterned ribbon, no extra embellishments may even be necessary.

Now that you get the idea, picture these napkin rings using different ribbons and decorative accents to match any season or occasion.

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