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Marlene Alexander

Hi and welcome! I’m Marlene and I love to combine my two passions, home decor and dollar store shopping, to make inexpensive accents and improvements for my home. Please join me!

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Find of the Week:

I found this coffee/tea press at Dollarama for four bucks. I’d never used one before but, once you get the hang of how much coffee to put in, it works quite well. It’s also dishwasher safe, which is a big plus. The only issue I ran into was when the press part fell apart after a few uses. The screw on the bottom of it came loose. It was an easy fix but, if you buy one of these, check that the screw is tight every once in a while. 

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Quick Tip

We’ve all seen these plastic picture stands in dollar stores. It occurred to me that one of these would also make a great stand for your smart phone or tablet for watching movies or typing in Word with a Bluetooth keyboard.

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March Features


What we say to people, especially those we love, matters. Making loving words permanent in some form can be a great way to help the people in our lives remember how much we care. Here are three ideas for personalizing gifts with quotes.

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I love miniatures and I’ve been collecting various diminutive things from the dollar store and other places, for years. The popularity, in recent years, of miniature gardens has prompted me to try my hand at creating some of my own.

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Here at Dollar Store Style, we believe that art doesn’t have to cost a lot or be complicated to be considered acceptable. Our philosophy has always been, if something is meaningful to you and makes you happy, that’s all you need to know. 

Over the years, we’ve introduced various ideas for making inexpensive original art. Here are three more for your consideration.

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