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Marlene Alexander

Hi and welcome! I’m Marlene and I love to combine my two passions, home decor and dollar store shopping, to make inexpensive accents and improvements for my home. Please join me!


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Find of the Week:

Everyone knows that Oneida makes quality flatware. I found this large stainless steel cake/pie server at Dollarama. I wonder if you could find this for $4 anywhere else?

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Quick Tip

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with those empty plastic chocolate boxes that seem too useful to throw out, here’s an idea. Simply add a drawer knob to the lid and fill it with cotton balls or Q-Tips to use in the bathroom.

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July Features


Themed parties are lots of fun and you don’t have to spend a ton of money at a party store to get decorations for the occasion. Remember that you may only be using decorations once. Here’s how to decorate for a beach party on a budget.

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Better Homes and Gardens had some wonderful ideas for outdoor entertaining and I found that I could duplicate quite a few of them with less expensive things from the dollar store. Sticking with the beach party theme, here are four ideas for summer entertaining that will cost you a lot less if you shop at the dollar store.

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There are at least three days throughout the year when you might need a gift for a guy. And men don’t make it easy for us. If they want something, they’re just as likely to go buy it themselves and, when you ask them what they need or want, they’ll say “I don’t know” or “nothing.” Not helpful, guys!

All that forces us to become creative, so think about the types of things your fellow likes to do on a regular basis and, when there’s a man event in your future, consider these gift ideas from the dollar store.

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