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Easy Bathroom Renewal

Spring is one of those times of the year when we get the urge to refresh, redo and rearrange around the house. So here are three simple ideas to help renew the area around the bathtub without a lot of bother or bucks.

You can decorate plain shower curtain hooks for a fraction of the price you’d pay for those fancy hooks found at department stores. Here we’ve glued metal butterflies, found in the Dollarama craft aisle, onto plain plastic loop hooks. The total cost was $3.00. The metal butterflies came in packages of six for a dollar and the hooks were a dollar for a package of twelve. 



Here's another example using plastic flowers. Both the butterflies and the flowers were originally meant to be sticker accents but the stickers can be easily removed. Use your imagination to come up with the right accent for your particular bathroom décor, keeping in mind that they should be waterproof, of a comparable size to the ones you see for sale in stores and not too heavy.


Tired of looking at the bare wall above the tub, we pondered what we could plant there that would be different than hanging ceramic fish or shells, particularly since this bathroom has a botanical theme. The ceramic half pots pictured here were originally meant for the outdoors but, if they can take the heat and moisture of summer, why wouldn’t they do well in the bathroom? We spray-painted them to cover the original gray and glued a bit of greenery into each one. The pots and fabric plants were a dollar each, making this a $6.00 project to complete. Try this idea with other outdoor wall decorations, as well. Just make sure to anchor each item securely. 


Here’s a neat idea that might help to alleviate storage problems in the bathroom. These flat-hooked containers are a dollar each. They can be linked together via a slit in the back to form a shower caddy or hung from a suction hook low on one wall surrounding the tub to make storage for your kids’ bath toys, soap, washcloths and such. You could also use them linked together and hung on the back of the bathroom door to store extra towels or other bathroom necessities. 

Sometimes change is good, especially when all it costs is a small amount of cash and a little time.  



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