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When your young man or woman leaves home for the first time, itís often to pursue a higher education. Dorm rooms, college residences or first apartments are notoriously short on space but, as someone once said, itís not what youíve got itís what you do with what youíve got. 

Here are a few items from Dollarama that will help to make the most of whatever space you have to work with and they only cost $2 or less each. 


If youíre short of places to hang towels, either in the kitchen or the bathroom, this towel bar is perfect. You donít need hardware to use it, just hang it over the edge of a cupboard door. And you can face it inside the cupboard or outside, as here.


No place to hang the undies you just washed out? This portable drying rack may be the answer. We hung it from the top drawer of a dresser, in this instance, but it will also hang from a door, so long as you donít need to close the door in the meantime. 



This plastic rack is meant to organize pot lids or other things in the kitchen but we think it makes a great place to store binders or perhaps larger text books, when not in use.



These large storage bins are 14Ē long by 10Ē wide and 9Ē deep. Stick one under your kitchen cupboard to use for recycling cans and bottles or use it in your closet for small clothing items you need to corral.


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