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Small Touches For Your Outdoor Rooms

Small Touches for Outdoor Decorating

Sometimes itís the small touches that we add to a room that make all the difference. This is true whether you are decorating indoors or outdoors and the same rules that apply to decorating inside, apply outside as well. For instance, things look better grouped together in odd numbers. Planters, especially, make more of a statement if placed in groups, rather than spread about, one here and another there.

Dollar stores have plastic planters in different shapes and sizes. Gather them together by threes or fives of the same color and varying sizes. Once you have them filled with flowers and established where you want them to be, add a fun plant pick. 

These three crystal-look daisies came in a package of three for a dollar and look good grouped together in a pot. They come in a variety of colors. Generally speaking, though, one such embellishment should be enough. Try a small butterfly or a bird with moving wings. Both are packaged in pairs for a dollar.





These 5Ē garden critters were $1.00 each. Place one in or near your planters or other places where visitors to your backyard oasis will be delighted to discover them.


Some tablecloth weights are too pretty to use only for preventing the wind from undoing your backyard dining pleasure. We used one here to embellish a candle lantern. These butterfly weights came in a package of four different colors for $1.00. You can also get smaller, all metal butterfly tablecloth weights, which might be a better choice for use around a flame. Or simply remove the plastic-winged ones before you light the candle. 


So what if you canít afford a trendy outdoor area rug or cast iron planters? With these dollar store finds you can dress up your front flowerbeds or backyard gardens beautifully and without the hefty price tag. 


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