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New! Tiny Planters - Three ideas for mini gardens using plants that won't wilt!

All Buttoned Up - Use the extra buttons you have on hand or special craft buttons to embellish the decor in your home.

Pushpin Decorating -- They're not just for bulletin boards any more. Try these ideas.

Fit To Frame -- Make art for your home with your greeting cards, postcards or vacation photos and stylish dollar store frames.

Make An Entrance -- Or make any small floor space inviting with this idea.

How To Pack A Backpack -- There's no need to let back-to-school set you back financially with the wide variety of school supplies available at the dollar store.

Tool Story - Yes, good quality tools can be had for a buck or two.

His Desk, Her Desk -- Accessorize your home office with necessities and niceties.

Be Our Guest -- Impress overnight visitors without losing sleep over the expense. 

Scarf Inspiration -- Head to the dollar store and do more with those pretty scarves.

Re-Purpose Driven -- Find new uses for ordinary objects.

Fitness, Dollar Store Style -- Fitness gear at the dollar store.

Four Fast Fixes - Use these inexpensive things from the dollar store to fix common problems around the house.

Picture the Possibilities - Fill those dollar store frames with anything from wallpaper scraps to calendar pages.

How to Decorate an Apartment - Brighten those beige walls with colorful accents and simple, low-cost alternatives to paint and wallpaper.

Three Ideas for Original Art - Whether you're looking to fill bare walls or want to replace some of your current wall hangings, try these ideas for something totally unique.

Head of the Bed - Headboards from the dollar store? Believe it! Try these three easy DIY ideas.











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