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A Thanksgiving Party Favour

I love creating party favours for family get-togethers and when I saw these mini tin buckets in the dollar store, I knew I'd found something that could be the basis for my latest Thanksgiving party favour. I wasn't sure what it would be at the time, but that's part of the fun.



Here's how to make your own pumpkin-in-a-bucket thanksgiving party favours.

Your will need:

  • mini tin buckets - Dollarama (pkgs. of three)

  • raffia - on hand or dollar store

  • fudge squares or other small candy treat - discount store

  • plastic wrap - on hand

  • orange tissue paper - dollar store

  • green pipe cleaners - on hand or dollar store

  • skewers - on hand or dollar store

  • sheet of  labels for printer - on hand

  • paper tags - on hand or dollar store

  • scissors

  • craft glue



To make it manageable, cut the raffia into two to three-inch pieces and fill the buckets about three-quarters full.



Wrap the fudge squares individually in plastic wrap to keep them fresh and clean.



Wrap each fudge piece in orange tissue paper, twist it and hold it closed with a small piece of green pipe cleaner. Leave one end of the pipe cleaner sticking out to represent a leaf. Cut the top of the tissue paper short.



Print a Thanksgiving greeting on a sheet of address labels and attach them to the paper tags. Cut the flags to size using special craft scissors, if you have them. Of course, special scissors aren't necessary. 



Break the skewers into about five-inch pieces and glue them to the back of each flag.



Sit the "pumpkin" and the flag in the buckets and you're done!  


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