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I love candles. They seem particularly appropriate during the holiday season, maybe because they mirror the warmth and glow we feel within ourselves at this time of the year.

So letís get our merry and bright on with these four illuminating ideas. 



These tea light holders are recent additions to my collection. I found them at Dollarama for a buck each, candles extra. What I like about them is that they can be dressed for any occasion by the simple addition of some wrapping paper.

Simply cut the paper into the appropriate length and width to fit up inside the bottom of the candle holder, making sure that the ends overlap. Because the candle and paper are separated, you can use real candles, if you wish, or opt for the battery operated variety. 




To put martini glasses to use as Christmas candle holders, all you need is a bit of artificial snow, a wire evergreen stem and three or four red mini bells to mimic berries.

The evergreen stems come in a package of ten for a buck and easily bend to your wishes. We used a battery-operated candle for safetyís sake.

Two or three of these would look nice set at intervals down the middle of the dining room table. 



Enhance a grouping of seven pillar candles on a silver-colored tray by circling them with two evergreen stems and a few miniature pine cones. Add a gold ornament tied with some shiny curling ribbon. Keep the ornament in place by using a glue dot to adhere it to the tray. 

Easily add short sentiments to smooth ornaments like this with peel and stick letters you can find in the craft aisle at the dollar store. 


Sometimes, simple makes the most elegant statement. Here, weíve nestled an ivory pillar candle into a layer of faux snow, encircled it with an artificial pine stem bent into a candle ring and added mini pine cones. 

Two like this would look nice on a fireplace mantle or as a dining room table decoration. 


**Note: I feel I would be remiss if I didnít repeat the customary warning that comes with most candles. Never leave a burning candle alone and please keep it out of reach of kids, pets and all things flammable.




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