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There are at least three days throughout the year when you might need a gift for a guy. And men don’t make it easy for us. If they want something, they’re just as likely to go buy it themselves and, when you ask them what they need or want, they’ll say “I don’t know” or “nothing.” Not helpful, guys! 

All that forces us to become creative, so think about the types of things your fellow likes to do on a regular basis and, when there’s a man event in your future, consider these gift ideas from the dollar store. 



Many men love to work on their cars on the weekend, including giving it a good cleaning. The idea of a car cleaning kit certainly isn’t new but it could still be just the thing for a hands-on kind of guy. The caddy cost $2 and we filled it with an assortment of car care products including a wash mitt, moist wipes for the interior, a super absorbent cloth, a tire brush and an air freshener. 

Look around for any other car-related items your dollar store may stock and choose the ones most likely to be appreciated by your guy.



Does the man in your life have a large collection of DVD movies or music? This DVD case holds 48 music or movie discs and only costs two bucks. It’s a great way to help your fellow organize his collection, as well as freeing up some valuable shelf space.



If the guy you’re gifting is on the road or in the air a lot, he will probably appreciate this selection of personal needs. Everything fits neatly into the zippered neoprene case that costs $2. This particular case is also a good size for packing electric razors or for keeping computer cords from becoming misplaced when traveling.



This jute wine bag holds a wine bottle opener, a bottle cork and a wine glass for the man who appreciates a good bottle of wine. If you’re so inclined, put his favorite wine in the bag and wrap the accessories separately.

A few other things you could consider:

• iPad accessories like a zippered neoprene case, a silicone case, an anti-glare screen guard and an adjustable stand made just for the iPad
• a five-function universal remote
• camping/hunting gear like a folding tri-pod camp stool, fishing lures, a tackle box, duck decoys and a camping lantern

All of these last few items are just $2 each, and that makes it easy for us to gather great gifts for men from the aisles of the dollar store.










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