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Nature inspires us, so it’s no wonder that it ends up in our decorating schemes time and time again. This is especially true in the fall when colors are particularly vibrant and leaves carpet the sidewalks and lawns with red and gold. 

Dollar stores make it easy to bring touches of autumn color to our homes and, as always, ‘easy’ is the name of the game.



This very simple idea involves wrapping a single garland of small autumn leaves around the chandelier. Here, we’ve simply twined it around the center pole and threaded it through two of the curly-cues, letting the end trail toward the dining room table. The garland has wire ends that make it easy to secure to the light. Try a few different configurations to see what might suit your particular lighting fixture best. This type of garland is about 3’ long and cost $1 each.



Here’s an easy idea for a quick centerpiece that involves two faux stone hurricane candlesticks and a few fabric leaves. Each candlestick cost $2, the votive candles come in a set of two for a buck and fabric leaves come in a package of forty or more for only $1. The leaves form a kind of loose candle ring and you can scatter a few more around the dinner table when entertaining. 



A candle trio on the coffee table was created using three different types of candleholders. The tall wooden candleholder cost $2. The small round tea light holder, which is perched on a couple of small books to give it some height, cost $1. We couldn’t find a proper candleholder for the square candle but discovered that it fit perfectly inside the top of this tapered vase. The space below it is filled in with fabric leaves. Each of the large candles cost $1 and the maple leaf tea light came in a package of three for $1.














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