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Hi and welcome! I'm Marlene and I love to combine my two passions, home decor and dollar store shopping, to make inexpensive accents and improvements for my home. Please join me! 

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Find of the Week:

For eight bucks you can add some new artwork to your home decor. I choose these floral pieces but you can also buy street scenes and architectural prints that put you in mind of a bygone era. These large frames measure approximately 16 by 14 inches and cost four bucks each at Dollarama. They also have smaller prints in the same style for the same price. 

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In years past it seems that everyone had coloured covers for their toilet seat lids that matched the bath rugs, but that trend has since fallen out of favour. Still, if you'd like to add a little extra colour to your bathroom, try using some wall stickers. These came on a large sheet for two bucks at Dollarama. 

A word of warning: These wall stickers will be more of a challenge to remove from plastic and porcelain than if they were on a wall, where they can be easily repositioned, so be sure you get the design you've chosen where you want it the first time as they may stretch and tear.

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March Features: 


The first celebration of spring is always a happy occasion, usually marked by flowers, food and family, not to mention lots of chocolate. If youíre in charge of the family dinner this year, donít sweat the small stuff.

Here are three Easter table decorations that will add fun and color to your table without a lot of bother or expense.

Read Entertaining Easter for the complete article.


Re-purposing, using an item for other than its intended use, is not only a great money-saving idea; itís great fun, too. You can take a find like an old side table from a yard sale or thrift store and give it a coat of paint and a new life as a bedside table. 

When we talk about re-purposing dollar store style, the process is even simpler. Letís look at three examples of re-purposing in dollar store style.

See Re-Purpose Driven for the full story.

Itís time to lighten up, North America. The birds may still be a bit shivery in some locals, but theyíre back, singing their little hearts out and beginning to think about re-feathering their nests.

Thereís something about spring that makes many of us want to refresh our own nests along with our feathered friends. So letís shake off the winter wearies and see what we can come up with. Most of these ideas could easily take you right through to the end of summer.

Read Dress Your Home for Spring for the full article.

















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