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Sometimes I go to a dollar store with the idea of picking up a new notebook or a spool of ribbon for a craft and end up browsing the aisles to see whatís new. Other times, I go just to see whatís been added to the shelves since the last time I was there. Part of the fun of a dollar store is that you never know what you might find, kind of like a flea market only cheaper.

I love discovering an item that inspires dozens of different uses and this plastic tote certainly fits that description. If, like me, you have limited space in your kitchen, one of these totes makes a compact receptacle for small recyclable items such as pop cans and shampoo bottles. I hang mine on the door knob behind the kitchen door and empty it into the blue box outside, just as I empty the kitchen garbage, once a day or as needed. Give it a rinse under the kitchen tap, a quick wipe and itís ready to go again.




My sister-in-law discovered that this 8 ĹĒ high x 13 ĹĒ long tote works well as a garbage receptacle in the mini van. It fits perfectly between the two front seats and is held in place by looping the handles over the seat belt clips. Use it as a toddlerís toy tote, a waterproof beach bag or help to organize all of those mitts and scarves in the wintertime by assigning a different color to each child and placing them in the front closet. Iíve used one for a magazine rack, a knitting bag and as a place to round up the dog's toys when I reluctantly pull out the vacuum cleaner.  In fact, anytime you want
portable storage with a splash of color, you canít go wrong with these totes.  





I found this Plastico 10 gallon lidded tote at Dollarama for three bucks, a wonderful bargain that can be used to store everything from kid's toys to Christmas decorations. It only comes in black, so if you want to use it in a child's room, for instance, pretty it up with some stickers. Get ideas for using dollar store stickers creatively in Sticker Situations.



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