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How to Decorate an Apartment

Its home; where you hang your hat, but you donít own it. When you move into an apartment, a dorm room or a rented house, you have to respect the fact that there are certain things you just canít do to it.

However, that neednít discourage you when it comes to decorating, as there are lots of things you can do to liven up your space even if you canít paint the walls or use wallpaper. Hereís how to decorate an apartment in Dollar Store Style.

Use Wall Stickers




You can get large sheets of colorful wall stickers at the dollar store. Use them to brighten a wall and other surfaces like a refrigerator door or, on a smaller scale, a flower pot. This type of wall sticker is easy to apply and easy to remove.


I like sheets of stickers that have a lot of smaller pieces. That way, you can use some on the wall and some on accessories. 

Quotation stickers are nice too. Use them in conjunction with appropriate pictures for a more finished look.

A word of caution: With this type of wall decoration thereís a fine line between tasteful and tacky, so use wall stickers sparingly.

Add Color with Accessories


A floral arrangement costing only $3


Thereís no better way to liven up a beige-hued room than with hits of color throughout. Pick your favorite color and search the dollar store for cushion covers, fabric flowers and other small accessories that make you happy. 


The great thing about these items is you can switch them out seasonally or whenever youíd like a change. Dollar store cushion covers like these cost two bucks each and the red really pops against a beige background.

Personalize With Pictures


Thereís really nothing like family photos to make rented digs feel like home. Arrange the ancestors on one wall and more current family members on another or mix Ďem up. There are lots of inexpensive frames at the dollar store, if you need them.


Vacation photos make great artwork, too.

Add Extra Towel Rings Without Drilling Holes 


One thing Iíve found with some apartments is they often donít have a towel bar where youíd like one. Solve that dilemma with an inexpensive towel ring or bar that fits effortlessly over the edge of a cabinet door. This one cost a mere $1.25.

The answer to how to decorate an apartment and make it serve your needs is both easy and inexpensive with help from the dollar store. 

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