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Even though it’s always been said, “it’s the thought that counts”, we don’t want to look cheap when it comes to gifting family and friends. But the maxim is still true and most of us don’t have the extra resources to splurge as much as we’d like to. Dollar stores to the rescue! Beautiful bags, boxes and baskets can be had for humming a few bars of “Silent Night.” And, with a little care, you can even find things to put in them that look like they came from a more expensive shop. 

Children, especially, have limited shopping budgets but, for about $7.00, they can present Mom with this gift basket containing lavender foam bath, body lotion and body spray along with chocolate shells, Christmas candles and a silver tone frame. After a hectic holiday season, what Mom wouldn’t appreciate a little “me time”? The basket is lined with an attractive tissue paper with a scalloped edge and you can buy basket wrap by the roll or in a package of two basket-wrap bags.

Whether Dad’s a home business owner or a movie buff, he’s sure to appreciate brand named DVD-R discs from a son or daughter. Or, use them to help stuff the stocking of the favorite guy on your list, along with some chocolate treats. A chocolate Santa and a set of Christmas pencils with character eraser tops are just two of the many items that could be included in a child’s Christmas sock. 

And, let’s face it; gift-wrap has an extremely short life span. A dollar per package or roll is plenty to pay for something that will only end up as garbage anyway and you won’t be sacrificing attractiveness at that price.

Complete your wrapping needs with bows, ribbons, gift tags, scissors and tape. In short, dollar stores have most everything you will need for happy holiday gifting. Christmas Corner 728x90



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