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Even people who donít normally feel the creative urge, want to decorate for Christmas. Thanks to the dollar store, you can pinch haí pennies like Scrooge while decorating in a style befitting the Ghost of Christmas Present. The best part? These arrangements are as easy as the Dickens to make.  


If you like to have candles in the bathroom, themed candle plates are lots of fun and a good way to bring some seasonal cheer to the smallest room in the house. Here a little snowman stops among a stand of evergreen votives. 

Cost-under $3.00, including the plate.





Three thin taper candles are encircled with candle rings with engraved stones nestled in them. The candles come in a package of six for a dollar and three candleholders are included. The stones were in a package of three for a dollar and appealed as more than appropriate sentiments for the time of year.




These traditional candleholders are seasonally bedecked with red candles, Christmas candle rings and a decorative pushpin. The total for this candle trio is under $7.00 as six tapers can be had for a dollar and pushpins are generally packaged as eight for a dollar.




You may not find the same items pictured here, as the stock in a dollar store is constantly changing. Thatís the challenge and the fun of shopping there. Experiment with different types of candles, holders and colors. Youíre sure to come up with something distinctive thatís all your own dollar store style. 



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