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Many of the gift boxes you can find at the dollar store are almost too pretty to give away. In fact, I found some patterned boxes that are perfect for storing various items and attractive enough to display in the open.

Here are four different boxes, along with some ideas on how you can use them to hide everyday necessities in plain sight. 



This shallow box was obviously made for storage. It has a metal plate on the front that you can slip a label into and the lid is attached. These boxes also come in many colorful patterns and three different sizes. 

Use a large one of these in your home office to hide away office equipment such as the stapler, tape and extra pens or designate it as a mailing center, as I’ve done here and keep your supply of birthday cards for the year in one place, along with stamps, stickers, a pen and a roll of tape.

These boxes could also be used to store keepsakes, note paper, magazine clippings…the list is endless.



This pretty heart-shaped box is nice enough to display on a dresser or vanity table. These, too, come in three sizes and a variety of patterns. Use one to store a few of your favorite pieces of jewelry or designate it as a place to hold the necklace and earrings you want to wear the following day.



Let’s face it; a roll of toilet paper sitting on the toilet tank isn’t very classy looking, but you can remedy the situation by slipping that uninspiring roll into this pretty round box. 

It’s approximately 6 ½-inches around and 4 ½-inches deep, the perfect size for hiding a double roll of toilet tissue. And you have the added benefit of keeping dust off of the roll until it's needed. 


These pretty boxes come in three different sizes. The middle sized one could be used to hold an extra roll of toilet paper in the powder room or give a larger one to your little girl. It would make the perfect place to store doll house furniture or other small items like building blocks or her collection of miniature ponies.




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