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Now that the kids have moved away from home you have no idea what to do with all that extra space, right? But, seriously, if you’re going to turn that spare room into a guest room, here are a few things you can get at the dollar store to help make visitors feel welcome.

We turned an old desk into a vanity table by adding a few items to make company feel welcome.


Fill a basket with necessities that a guest might have forgotten to pack such as:

  • a comb and bush set
  • a sample size hand lotion
  • a sample size deodorant
  • shower gel in fun shape
  • toothpaste and a toothbrush

Also shown is a vase with a bouquet of fabric flowers and a small decorative dish to hold jewelry or loose change.



Put a small container of water and a glass in the room and leave a tasty treat of some kind as a welcome. This plastic pitcher was a dollar and the drinking glass came in a set of three for a dollar. We opened a small bag of wrapped candy and used a cut glass dessert dish as a candy dish. And even if you’re on vacation, you still need to know the time. We used a travel alarm clock to fill the need.



You can put a pillar candle in your guest’s room but we chose to use this trio of tea lights on a clear glass tray sprinkled with mini river rocks. The combination of hammered glass and river rocks help to instill the room with a sense of peace.

It won’t cost a lot of money to put out the welcome mat if you start with a trip to the dollar store.



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