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Ideas for Fall Decorating

An abundance of natural elements to use in decorating makes fall one of my favourite seasons. But, even if you don't live in an area where you can easily gather pinecones, acorns and fallen leaves, you can still make the most of this wonderful season using decorative pieces from the dollar store.

Here are two ideas cobbled together from my stash of fall items gathered over time from the dollar store.

Barrow of Bounty

If you remember this centerpiece from a spring and summer article, that used a small decorative garden wheelbarrow and faux florals from the dollar store, perhaps you realized, as I did, that the wheelbarrow could easily be used to decorate in a similar way for any season. 

Hereís how to deck the barrow with the colours of autumn.

You will need:

- decorative wheelbarrow or other square   container                                                                                                                                                                                                             

-  floral foam cut to fit wheelbarrow
- leaf stems
- floral stems
- small foam fruits
- wooden skewers
- wire cutters


You can easily make any fruit made of foam into a pick using wooden skewers that are readily available at the dollar store. Just poke the pointy end of the skewer into the bottom of the apple or pumpkin and break off the stick to the length you need so that it sits just above the top edge of the wheelbarrow. 


You can use skewers to make picks for things like wheat pieces, too, by forcing the fat end of the skewer into the opening that was used to hold it onto the original floral stem. 





Cut lengths of leaf stems to insert into the floral foam so they sit at the top edge of the wheelbarrow. Repeat until youíve created a look you like. As before, I used a floral stem with grasses for the middle of the arrangement to give it some height.

Decorated Door



All of those plain white doors in my home seem to beg for some kind of decorating help. An interior door near my front entrance seemed like the perfect canvas for a little inspiration. Here's an idea that's easy to copy and can be done with a minimum of time and effort.

What youíll need:

- Four or five found twigs
- Three or four bags of flat fall-coloured leaves
- Invisible tape
- Small squares of two-sided tape


Start by taping the twigs to the top of the door so that they mimic the look of a tree bough. Use two or three pieces of invisible tape to hold each twig in place. Donít worry that the tape shows; youíll be covering it up with leaves, like this:


Each leaf is held on with a small square of two-sided tape. Fill in the branches until you have the fullness you like.


Next, attach a few leaves to the middle of the door to mimic falling leaves and finish by adding a thin pile of leaves across the bottom of the door. I think this makes a nice fall greeting for people visiting my home and I can leave it up until after Thanksgiving.

See also: Pumpkin-in-a-Bucket (party favour)

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