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Wagner, The Dog With no Tail!


Wagner is starting to think that he will never find a loving family to adopt him and take him home from the animal shelter—and it’s all because his tail is too small. It’s so small, in fact, that he is known as the “dog with no tail.” Everyone knows that a dog’s tail is important. Other shelter dogs show their friendliness with a wag or swish of their tails, but poor Wagner has nothing to wag. How will Wagner show the families and children that he is happy and friendly?

Follow Wagner through the delightfully illustrated pages of WAGNER, THE DOG WITH NO TAIL, as he struggles to find happiness and a family to love. Wagner’s story is a truly heartwarming  “tail” of self-acceptance. We all need to know: IT'S ALRIGHT TO JUST BE YOURSELF!

Order Wagner, The Dog With No Tail from Amazon or from the Dorrance Publishing bookstore. Available in paperback or as an  e-book.

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              Book Signing Events

A successful day autographing books at the WCYR book fair in Newmarket, Ontario on July 7, 2018.

My daughter, Corrie, came to help out and we enjoyed a wonderful day together.


      Signing my book at the Missions Market in Newmarket, Ontario on December 3, 2016


           Amazon Reviews of Wagner, The Dog with No Tail


          This is a delightful child's book. Reminding children that it is okay to be different.

-         Angela B.

          A wonderful story that teaches children that they are fine just the way they are.

-         Paul H.

         Great book! My son loves it! Definitely recommend.

-        Jennifer S.