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Cute Valentine's Day Ideas

While cards and chocolate remain a favorite way to single out your love for someone special, dollar stores offer attractive gift-wrappings, decor and gift ideas, as well. See if some of these cute Valentine's Day ideas will work for you.

- Assorted picture frames (metal, pewter and plastic with dried flowers and ribbon) 
- Gift Bags and tissue 
- Heart-shaped balloons 
- Quotable cushion 
- Heart-shaped votive candle holder
- Small stuffed dog, holding heart 

Planning a quiet night at home? Asian cuisine is very popular now and for under $25.00, you can set the scene for a romantic dinner for two. 

- Bowls -
- Square Plates 
- Chopsticks
- Small rectangular plates 
- Small round bowls 
- Wine glasses 
- Aperitif glasses (used here as mini vases) 
- Bamboo placemats 
- Foil covered chocolate hearts 
- Glass bowl as candleholder 
- Four round votive candleholders
- White pillar candle 
- Votive candles 

The flowers are from a $4.00 grocery store bouquet. You can use decorative sand or heart-shaped acrylic or glass stones to set the pillar candle in. Add a few fabric flower petals (large package for $1.00) to add an oriental touch to your centerpiece. 

Many more cute Valentine's Day ideas abound at the dollar store.



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