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Mini Sleigh Party Favours

There are lots of tutorials online for building sleighs out of Popsicle sticks and that’s where I got my inspiration. I made a number of sleighs and built them smaller so I could use them as party favours on the Christmas table. 

Follow along as I bring you my version of this iconic symbol of winter fun.

You will need:

• Popsicle sticks, aka craft sticks
• Sharp scissors
• Waxed paper
• Lightweight sand paper
• Craft paint
• Craft glue
• Twine
• Snowflake table confetti or small stickers



You will need five craft sticks for each sleigh. Begin by cutting about ¾ inches off of three of the craft sticks. These will form the base of your sleigh. Use some sandpaper to smooth the cut edges (optional.)



Stagger the sticks so that the middle one is higher than the other two and glue them together. I’m indebted to the blog Fireflies and Mud Pies for suggesting using waxed paper under messy projects like this. The glued sticks peel right off of it.



When the base is dry, turn it upside down and glue the remaining two craft sticks on for runners. Line up the top of the runners with the longest craft stick on the base. You will have to hold the runners in place for a few moments until the glue starts to take hold. Let dry.



Cut a craft stick length-wise. I found that they tended to split unevenly but you can get at least one cross bar from one craft stick. Cut the crossbar to the desired length, in this case about 2 ¼ inches, and sand the ends into a round-ish shape (it doesn’t have to be perfect!) Glue it in place and let dry.



Next, paint the sleighs. I found that two coats of craft paint were necessary for proper coverage.



When the sleigh is dry, decorate it as desired. I glued two pieces of snowflake confetti onto mine.


Cut a length of twine and glue it to the underside of the crossbar to mimic the sleigh’s rope. This will serve as a hanger for the ornament, too.


Make enough sleighs for each guest at your Christmas table. Top each one with a small treat for after-dinner snacking. I found these Hersey’s Kisses Deluxe at Dollarama but any small treat will work.

 Please see Christmas Decorating and Gift Ideas for lots more about Christmas.




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