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If you're interested in miniature/fairy gardens, Dollarama has these mushroom houses in two different styles. They're about 8-inches high and cost $4.



For eight bucks you can add some new artwork to your home decor. I choose these floral pieces but you can also buy street scenes and architectural prints that put you in mind of a bygone era. These large frames measure approximately 16 by 14 inches and cost four bucks each at Dollarama. They also have smaller prints in the same style for the same price. 



A salad spinner is a handy thing to have in the kitchen but there's no need to spend more than four bucks for one, as my recent purchase from Dollarama proves. It's dishwasher safe and you can choose from different-coloured lids. The inner basket may be a bit flimsier than a more expensive spinner but, on the whole, it works great.


Keep things neat and hidden while adding a little class to your front closet shelves with fabric storage baskets. These were three bucks each at Dollarama and are generously sized at 13 by 10 by 7 - inches. 


Here's a neat idea for extending your charging cable when you have to use your tablet while it's plugged in. Adding six feet of cord to the three foot length that came with your device gives you plenty of wiggle room for moving around without fear of yanking the charging cable from your device. Do be sure that this cable is suitable for use with your device. 


This small pot of flocked poinsettias is about six inches tall. It only cost $1.25 at Dollarama and would make a bright and traditional decoration for any place in your home that needs a little Christmas cheer.



This is the time of year when more glassware might come in handy. Dollarama has a couple of different types packaged as sets for three bucks. These whiskey glasses would make a great gift for a fella on your Christmas list too, perhaps paired with his favourite libation.


I found these fill-able ornaments at Dollar Tree. They're made of plastic and come in sets of two smaller ones or one large one. Dollar Tree also has an assortment of clear stickers that would be great for decorating the outside of these ornaments.


Just in time for carving the Thanksgiving turkey, here's a handsome carving set from Sunbeam for only three bucks. Find it at Dollarama.


Hooray! Finally, a garden nozzle from the dollar store that you can count on! Dollarama has been stocking sturdier metal hose nozzles that won't start shooting water out of every opening after the first couple of times you use them. This one is made by Melnor and cost a whole three bucks. It has an adjustable spray and a comfortable rubberized grip. 


These cushions are 15-inches square and 9 by 12-inches oblong and come in a variety of bright colours with contrasting piping. Find them at Dollarama for three bucks each. If you don't want to use them as they are, they'd make great inserts for cushion covers.


If you're in the market for some new hanging baskets, these 12-inch wire hanging baskets with liners are only three bucks each at Dollarama. Dollar Tree has 10-inch hanging wire baskets for $1.25 and liners for $1.25, making the total for the set $2.50. 



This cute metal garden ornament is almost 14-inches long and can accommodate a four-inch flower pot. It cost three bucks at Dollarama. The plant pot and plant are sold separately.


I found this cute little fellow in the gardening aisle at Dollarama but there's no reason you can't bring him inside to help you decorate for spring and Easter, too. This figurine is about five-inches long and about eight inches tall to the tip of its ear. It's a  decent size and only costs three bucks.


Okay, this is rather a ho-hum kind of item but I have never seen this type of light bulb in a dollar store before. For those of us who have the kind of light fixture in our bathrooms that use these round bulbs, it's good to know that you can get 40w replacements at Dollar Tree. They come in clear, as well as white. For $1.25 each, they're an exceptional value.


If, like me, you have a brown thumb and houseplants don't stand a snowball's chance at your house, you can still brighten up your space with some greenery. These 3-inch pots of faux succulents don't need to be watered, although you may want to dust them on occasion. Group three on a kitchen window sill or anywhere else you want to give the appearance of natural growth.

You have a variety of types to choose from and they look quite life-like. Dollarama has them for $3 per pot.


I bought this metal wreath form at Dollar Tree for $1.25. It's a generous 15-inches round and a perfect starting point for making a fall or Christmas wreath.














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