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Add elegance to your Christmas entertaining with these classy Christmas glasses available in two styles at Dollarama.  Besides the leaping reindeer silhouettes, there were some with gold snowflakes on them, as well. 




If you're tired of not being able to grab a tissue from the box without the box coming with it, this wood cover is the answer. I found it at Dollarama for four bucks. I like it because it's not just a cover, it has a bottom piece that slides out for easy loading and keeps everything together if you want to move it from one place to another. It's great for hiding ugly tissue boxes, too!

Because it's made of wood, this box is ripe for painting and decorating. I'd love to see how you decorate yours. Send your pictures to me at




I don't think you could find a better price than four bucks for 16 pieces of silverware. I only saw these with red handles in the Dollarama I was in; there may be different colours in different locations, but don't quote me on that! I think the decorative pattern on the handles is a nice touch.



Found this decorative curtain rod at Dollarama for four bucks. It has a 5/8 - inch diameter and the length extends from 48-84 inches. That's pretty darn cool. It came with three brackets and enough screws and anchors to mount it, but I already had some decorative brackets up so I just used them. 


Found these brand name ear buds with mike and storage case at Dollar Tree.  If you need new ear buds, these would be worth a try for the price.


This storage "ottoman" was found at Dollarama for $4. It's really just one of those fabric-covered, folding storage squares with a little extra support in the sides, a vinyl-like covering and a padded lid. I'd use this as a footstool, but it couldn't support more than a child's weight, as a seat. Still, it's an attractive way to keep files, photo albums or other odds and ends neat and out of sight.

These storage boxes are packaged folded. They're just under 12-inches square and come in a few different travel-type patterns. 


I love nature-themed pieces and this pretty serving bowl, found at Dollarama, can hold it's own even when it's sitting empty. The bowl is generously sized at 17-inches long to the tip of the stem and would make a great gift. No one would ever guess it only cost $4.


Love these succulent picks! Dollar Tree has a wide assortment of them. Gather four or five of your favourites in different heights, the flower pot of your choice filled with small river rocks and just poke these picks into the rocks in an arrangement that pleases you.


It's a little early for summer but, if you like the looks of these wood lanterns, you might do well to grab a couple while you can. They cost four bucks each at Dollarama. Pick up some batteries, too, because they're equipped with led candles. 


This 11-inch metal birdcage costs four bucks at Dollarama. It has a latch that let's you open the top so you can insert a plant or whatever else takes your fancy and a loop for hanging. It's never to early to start snatching up gems like this for the spring and summer season. 


Dollarama has started stocking these bath sheets for $4 each. They are labeled as bath towels but they're a generous size at 27 1/2 by 55 inches and are available in a variety of colours. The towels are 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester; not terrifically absorbent, but they get the job done and the price is right!



Found this string of battery-operated pinecone lights at Dollarama for three bucks. These and similar unique mini lights come in sets of ten.


Wow! These faux leaves are at least twice as big as their  previous dollar store incarnations. Go ahead and add a touch of the tropical to your home. Found at Dollarama. 



Some dollar store tea towels are smaller than the tea towels you'll find in other department stores, but they can make great substitutes for more expensive cloth napkins. I folded this one in threes so that the embroidered message is front and center. 

(See how to make the sleigh ornament here.)


Normally, these small lampshades can cost $5 or more, depending on the style. These ones aren't fancy, but if you need new chandelier lampshades, or just want a change, these ones only cost $1.50 each at Dollarama. I saw them in three shades, white, brown and black.



This large glass cookie jar is perfect for storing homemade cookies or other treats. Dollarama sells them for $4 each but, if you fancy one, you better hurry; they've been in stock before and quickly vanished.



This lovely white leaf-shaped bowl is about 10 1/2-inches long and would be a lovely way to serve the mashed potatoes this fall.


With autumn fast approaching, I thought I'd showcase these lovely linen-look fabric tablecloths in fall colours. They're 52 by 70-inches in size and have hemmed seams, rather than the scalloped edges you see on other fabric tablecloths from the dollar store. Dollarama sells these for $4 each. 

If you don't need a new fall tablecloth, think about other things you could make using this fabric. 



This attractive set of small serving bowls costs four bucks at Dollarama. You can buy sets that are shaped like leaves or flowers.  If you're really ambitious, you could start your Christmas shopping early and put away a couple of these boxed sets to give to the hosts of holiday parties.


Found this plastic stool at Dollarama for four bucks. You could use it for extra seating or a side table either inside or outside. It come in dark brown as well as this beige colour.


Stencils are always handy items to have on hand if you're a crafter. I found these two-inch ones at Dollar Tree. There are four 5 by 7-inch plastic sheets that include the numbers 0-1 and seven common symbols. The package says that you can use them with any kind of paint, stains, chalks and inks, clean them up and reuse them over and over.  



Dollarama has a variety of these cement-look planters that cost from $2 to $4, depending on the size. Fill  a grouping of these with colourful flowers and put them on a table near your front door to make an attractive display throughout the summer.


This pretty cut glass canister cost $2.50 at Dollarama and lends itself to a variety of uses. It's about 5 1/2-inches tall overall, with the base about 3 1/2-inches deep; just the right size for a short pillar candle, storing sweets or adding a touch of elegance to bathroom storage of cotton balls or cotton swabs. 

Filled with a candle or candy, this lovely canister would make a stylish gift.


I've been using a mug warmer to keep my drinks hot for years, but I'm quite sure I paid more than twice as much, even way back then, than the four bucks I paid for this mug warmer at Dollarama. Granted, it remains to be seen if this one will last as long.

The thing I didn't realize about mug warmers is that you can use them to heat candles in glass jars to release the scent, rather than lighting them. I thought that was a really neat idea so I tried it and it works great. There are more ideas for using a mug warmer listed on the back label of this Betty Crocker product. 


I love the antique vibe of this 13-inch tall metal pitcher. It reminds me of the kind of thing my grandmother would have used to water her flowers. You could use it for that too, but it would also make a great place for a bouquet of wild flowers. It comes in different colours and cost $4 at Dollarama.

For eight bucks you can add some new artwork to your home decor. I choose these floral pieces but you can also buy street scenes and architectural prints that put you in mind of a bygone era. These large frames measure approximately 16 by 14 inches and cost four bucks each at Dollarama. They also have smaller prints in the same style for the same price. 


Here's a neat idea for extending your charging cable when you have to use your tablet while it's plugged in. Adding six feet of cord to the three foot length that came with your device gives you plenty of wiggle room for moving around without fear of yanking the charging cable from your device. Do be sure that this cable is suitable for use with your device. 


This small pot of flocked poinsettias is about six inches tall. It only cost $1.25 at Dollarama and would make a bright and traditional decoration for any place in your home that needs a little Christmas cheer.


If, like me, you have a brown thumb and houseplants don't stand a snowball's chance at your house, you can still brighten up your space with some greenery. These 3-inch pots of faux succulents don't need to be watered, although you may want to dust them on occasion. Group three on a kitchen window sill or anywhere else you want to give the appearance of natural growth.

You have a variety of types to choose from and they look quite life-like. Dollarama has them for $3 per pot.















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