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Three Unique Uses for Plastic Easter Eggs

It really is all in how you look at something. Those ordinary plastic fillable Easter eggs were imagined in a totally different way by one of my fellow Hometalkers and her idea sparked some of my own.

I pulled out my stash of plastic eggs and came up with these three unique uses of my own for the basic idea. 



I had these fancy eggs in my Easter stash. The idea that got my creative juices flowing is to turn fillable eggs inside out, so that you end up with a cup on a pedestal. A dab of hot glue secures the inverted top of the egg to the inverted bottom half. 



I might have used the finished project as party favours, but I didnít have enough of them and couldnít find any more like them at the dollar store. 

Never mind, because of the opaque tops they make pretty good candle holders, using battery-operated candles, of course. 



These smaller eggs, turned out to be just right for egg cups. You only need a small dab of glue to attach the tops and bottoms, but you should hold these rounded ones together until the glue starts to set, or the cup will shift and youíll end up with lop-sided egg cups.

Because these Easter eggs already had a pattern printed on them, I reasoned they didnít need anything more.



In this case, Iím using a medium-sized Easter egg, gluing it in the same way as previously. As these are plain, I wanted to dress them up a bit and, because Iím no great hand at tying bows, I simply wrapped a length of ribbon around the middle and used craft glue to secure it as shown.

Use a contrasting colour of ribbon, depending of the colour of each cup.



A small fabric flower was added where the ribbon crossed, and a butterfly clothespin adds some contrasting colour to the back of the cup. Now you have the perfect receptacle for some Easter treat party favours.



You can often find a variety of mini clothespin accents like this tulip-shaped one at the dollar store. 

If youíre using wrapped treats, a small amount of crumpled tissue paper inside the cup will ensure that they sit near the top. Of course, if youíre going to fill them with loose treats, like jelly beans, you can skip the tissue paper. 



I ended up using some slightly larger butterfly clips on my party favours, so theyíd stand out more when the cups were filled. 

You can always paint the eggs all the same colour before you glue them together but, personally, I love lots of colour for spring and Easter and I was very happy with the way these experiments with ordinary plastic eggs turned out.


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