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If you're looking for home decor on a budget, check out our Decorating Articles Library where you'll find over 155 articles on a wide range of decorating and gift ideas as well as useful household items.           

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Find of the Week:

Score! I love color and this 8 1/2-inch tall ceramic owl vase certainly fills the bill. You can display it as an art object that's sure to spark conversation. Not bad for three bucks.

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Quick Tip:

Re-purpose felt cut-out placemats to give glass cabinet doors a spring makeover. Position them on the inside of the door and secure with two-sided tape. If the glass is held in place with screw-in hangers, as mine are, just loosen the top two hangers, slip the edges of the placemats under them and re-tighten the screws.

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March Features:



I have long pondered how I could fashion a headboard using materials from the dollar store. At first blush, itís not the kind of thing you would expect to be possible. 

However, Iím always up for a challenge and finally came up with three relatively easy ideas. 

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The first celebration of spring is always a happy occasion, usually marked by flowers, food and family, not to mention lots of chocolate. If youíre in charge of the family dinner this year, donít sweat the small stuff.

Here are three Easter table decorations that will add fun and color to your table without a lot of bother or expense.

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It can be surprisingly simple to fix some of those little annoyances around the house, from identifying the tangle of cords underneath your desk, to preventing scuff marks on the wall behind the boot tray. All it costs is a buck or two and a few minutes of your time. Here are four of my favorites

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