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If you're looking for home decor on a budget, check out our Decorating Articles Library where you'll find over 155 articles on a wide range of decorating and gift ideas as well as useful household items.           

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Find of the Week:

For three bucks you can get this decorative woven basket with a handle. It's 11 1/2-inches long, 9 1/2-inches wide and 51/2-inches deep.

Quick Tip

Use a pretty vinyl shower curtain to hide a storage area in the basement. You can use a shower curtain tension rod or a regular curtain rod. Either way, you can hang it with regular metal shower curtain hooks. 

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February Features: 

This one’s for all of you guys out there who think that if you can’t buy her a large bouquet of roses for Valentine’s day, then you hadn’t better do anything at all. Wrong! This year, surprise her with one or two thoughtful gestures and just watch the reaction you get from giving one of these easy Valentine ideas for her. 

Read Romancing the Dollar Store  for the full article.



What lurks behind the closed doors of your kitchen cupboards? Can you find what you’re looking for easily or are you wasting time sifting through a lot of stuff you no longer use in order to find the cleaner or pan you’re looking for?

If you’re like me, it can get crazy in there! But help is here! When you’re doing your usual cleaning and sorting, let the dollar store help you organize those areas in your cupboards that tend to become disordered over time simply because they’re not constantly in plain sight.

Read Cupboard Confidential for the full article.



You can give a lampshade a bit more personality with a few dollar store accents and very little effort. Try these three ideas to get you started.

Read Trim a Lampshade for the full article.












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