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If you're looking for home decor on a budget, check out our Decorating Articles Library where you'll find over 155 articles on a wide range of decorating and gift ideas as well as useful household items.           

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Find of the Week:


This cute metal garden ornament is almost 14-inches long and can accommodate a four-inch flower pot. It cost three bucks at Dollarama. The plant pot and plant are sold separately.

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Quick Tip

So, I was in a home store the other day and happened upon a mat that was meant to be placed under your coffee machine. I though it was a great idea but I was not going to pay that price! Next door at Dollar Tree, I bought a 12 by 18-inch micro-fiber dish drying mat for $1.25. Works just as well, don't you think? And you have a choice of colours and patterns.

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April Features: 

New Article! 

Most of us love the coming of spring but early in the season we’re still waiting for flowers to appear. Never mind – a few faux blooms from the dollar store will serve to brighten our homes while we wait for nature to do its thing.

If you have a stash of fake flowers stored away, look through them to see if you can reuse some for these easy floral arrangements. 

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It's getting to be that time of year when we want to get down and dig it, the garden, that is. As usual, the dollar store has much to offer when it comes to earthy matters. It has oodles of gardening paraphernalia so you’ll want to check out the selection in a store near you.

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Babies need a lot of stuff so, if you’ve been invited to a baby shower or are welcoming a newborn, there’s really no wrong choice. Dollar stores have a lot of baby and toddler items and grouping a few of these into a gift is an easy task.

Here are three suggestions. If you prefer, add an item or two from a department store to offset or “disguise,” if you will, the fact that your gift if mostly from a dollar store. Still, I think you’ll agree that these baby-friendly presents can stand by themselves.

Read Gifting Baby for the full article.












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