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I'm pleased to be able to offer my new children's picture book, Wagner, The Dog With No Tail. This would be a great stocking stuffer for kids up to 8 years old. We can all learn from Wagner that it's okay to just be yourself. Available on Amazon and at the Dorrance Publishing bookstore. 


Find of the Week:

Dollarama has metal Christmas cookie cutters in a variety of shapes and they only cost $1.25 for three. I don't generally bake a lot of cookies but I have other ideas for these fun shapes. Stay tuned!

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Quick Tip

Use a small, flat-backed Christmas wreath (I got this one at Dollar Tree) as a candle ring or to accent another decoration, as here. Sit your decoration on a shelf or mantle and let the ribbon ends hang over the edge.

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November Features: 

The advertisers will argue with me, but you really donít need to spend a sleigh-load of money making your home beautiful for the holidays. All you really need are a few dollar store basics and a small investment of time. If you like to make crafts at home, these ones take next to no time to make and each one costs about $2.

Read Craft Your Christmas for the full article.



New is not always better and, although Iíll admit itís hard to walk away from some of the fabulous new decorations you see in stores in November and December, It can be just as good to buy into your imagination instead.

After all, part of budget decorating is about using what you already have on hand in new ways. This is especially helpful at Christmas time when budgets are stretched just trying to make sure everyone on your list has an appropriate gift.

Here are four ways to decorate for Christmas with what you already have. Iím all about traditional colors but thereís no rule stating you canít try these ideas using your own favorite hues. 

Read New Ways With Old Decorations  for the full article.



Making elaborate Christmas crafts just isnít my thing. The spirit may be willing but the hands are often all thumbs.

So Iím happy to putter away with my dollar store finds until I come up with something that tickles my fancy and then share them with you in the hopes that they will delight you, as well.

Anyway, we all have enough to do at this time of year, so thereís nothing wrong with having a lazy little Christmas when it comes to decorating. 

Read Have Yourself a Lazy Little Christmas for the full article.












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