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If you're looking for home decor on a budget, check out our Decorating Articles Library where you'll find over 155 articles on a wide range of decorating and gift ideas as well as useful household items.           

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Find of the Week:

We found this meat thermometer recently at Dollarama for only $3. It came with an indicator you can twist to find the right temperatures to cook various meats. The dial is three inches square with temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, depending of which side of the border you're on.

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Quick Tip:

Even something as simple as a small wooden bowl filled with seashells helps to bring a summery feel to your indoor spaces. Use this idea in a bathroom or sit it on your coffee table. I can attest to the fact that young and old, alike are drawn to the touchable quality of the shells.

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June Features: 


There are at least three days throughout the year when you might need a gift for a guy. And men don’t make it easy for us. If they want something, they’re just as likely to go buy it themselves and, when you ask them what they need or want, they’ll say “I don’t know” or “nothing.” Not helpful, guys! 

All that forces us to become creative, so think about the types of things your fellow likes to do on a regular basis and, when there’s a man event in your future, consider these gift ideas from the dollar store. 

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In the summertime we like to live out-of-doors. This becomes a problem when the backyard is uninspiring and there’s no money for plush new chair cushions or large planters for the patio.

Still, you can make your backyard a welcoming place to relax or entertain. Read on to find some simple solutions for outdoor decorating a la Dollar Store Style.

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Looking for a summer craft project? How about something for our feathered friends? Meet Louise Martin from Ajax, Ontario. She’s a regular reader and a talented crafter who gets most of her craft supplies from Dollarama. Louise very kindly consented to share with us how she completed two pretty bird-friendly pieces that now only await some winged visitors.

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