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If you're looking for home decor on a budget, check out our Decorating Articles Library where you'll find over 120 articles on a wide range of decorating and gift ideas as well as useful household items.           

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Find of the Week:

There are a lot of Betty Crocker kitchen items at Dollarama. This non-stick rolling pin is possibly the best one I've seen yet. It's actually made of metal with wooden handles that turn freely. Not bad for three bucks.

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Quick Tip:


Choose a tea towel in an appropriate pattern and easily recover a seat cushion using a staple gun to fasten it to the underside of the seat.

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September Features:


New Article!

Here at Dollar Store Style, we believe that art doesn’t have to cost a lot or be complicated to be considered acceptable.

Our philosophy has always been, if something is meaningful to you and makes you happy, that’s all you need to know. 

Over the years, we’ve introduced various ideas for making inexpensive original art. Here are three more for your consideration.

Read Three Ideas for Original Art  for the full article.




Many of the gift boxes you can find at the dollar store are almost too pretty to give away. In fact, I found some patterned boxes that are perfect for storing various items and attractive enough to display in the open.

Here are four different boxes, along with some ideas on how you can use them to hide everyday necessities in plain sight. 

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Need some autumn inspiration? Try these easy ideas for decorating your home for fall that include a candle, a centerpiece and party favors. 

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